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Each massage session is customized to each

individual--ranging from light/relaxing to deep tissue.

(Services are subject to Minnesota tax)

90 minute                                                  $99

  (includes 90 minute Tension Tamer)

Two 90 min (save $10)                                                                 $188                                0

         $    Five 90 min (save $30)                                    $465

60 minute therapeutic massage             $73

  (includes 60 minute Tension Tamer)

Two 60 minute (save $10)                                $136


Five 60 minute (save $30)                               $335

30 minute therapeutic session               $45

Two 30 minute (save $5)                                  $85


Five 30 minute  (save $15)                                                    $210




ONE OR MORE OFTHESE ENHANCEMENTS!  (prices are add'l to massage)

     Facial cupping included in Tension

         Tamer sessions                                   no extra charge

     Hot parafin wax hand dip w/massage               $5

     Scented salt foot scrub w/massage                  $5

     6-8 moist, hot heated stones w/massage       $12

     Cool marble facial stones                                 $5

     Pure Bliss Head & Scalp Massage (add'l

           10 minutes added on)                               $17

     Dry Brush (add'l 5-10 minutes)                       $12

           (requires special brush you can bring or purchase)

 Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amer. Express accepted.  Personal injury & workers comp. accepted


Hours are by appointment.  A variety of morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available. (Although subject to change--most weeks I am available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from late morning into evening hours.  Many Fridays I am available mid-morning to mid-afternoon.  Rarely available on Wednesdays or weekends.) 


763-441-0041 or questions to moemassage@massagetherapy.com

You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/moetherapeuticmassage.