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  • Therapeutic Massage--is massage offered with the goal of obtaining a therapeutic benefit. These goals can vary significantly between individuals.  For some these therapeutic goals will be to relax tight muscles and improve range of motion.  Others it can be an adjunct to other injury/accident care they are receiving.  Yet others are looking for relief from chronic headaches or Fibromyalgia symptoms.  No two sessions are exactly alike--just as no two clients are alike.  Sessions are customized to each individual--ranging from relaxation to deep tissue.   The massage session will include a combination of modalities which can include  Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, massage cupping, facial cupping for headache relief, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, assisted stretches.  For more info see:  http://www.moemassage.com/massage-t


  • Enhancements available to add to any massage session (additional charge for each enhancement): 
  •  Heated Stones--incorporates 6-10 heated stones throughout the massage. The heated stones are used to glide effortlessly along your body and provide almost immediate relaxation, improved circulation (which helps nourish the muscle fibers), and deeper penetration into the muscle tissue for improved tension release. 
  • Cool Facial Stones--Cool marble facial stones are used along the sinuses, forehead, cheeks and chin to help relieve tension and sinus pain.
  • Dry Brush--additional 5-10 minutes added to massage session.  Dry brushing is done prior to any oil being used using a natural bristle body brush that the client provides (or can purchase in office).  Body brushing is very beneficial to incorporate into your routine for detoxing.  Other benefits include: stimulates blood and lymph circulation, can help boost the immune system, exfoliates the skin and helps restore skin radiance and elasticity, and it's reported to help eliminate cellulite.
  • Parafin Wax Hand Dip--especially comforting to those individuals with arthritis of the hands and find that they "over use" their hands.  You start your massage session on your back--after you turn on to your stomach you will be able to dip your hands in the heated wax, I will place mitts on them, and then when the session is done I will be able to just roll the wax off!

Just a reminder:   

  • Are you pregnant?  Please get a verbal or written okay from your doctor or midwife before your massage appointment.  
  • All minors need to have a parent or guardian come to initial intake.  

LuAnne Moe, Moe Therapeutic Massage, 934 Highway 10, Elk River, MN, 763-441-0041