February 18, 2015 @ 1:45 PM

Many clients wonder, “Should I talk during treatment?”

Our answer: Do what you find comfortable, and we will follow suit.

Our goal is to ensure your comfort during treatment, which allows us to provide the most effective massage. All our RMTs are skilled at what they do, and can adapt to each individual they see. If you need to talk, we can listen. If you want to remain silent, our lips are sealed. Need a little mix of both? We can do that too! Never hesitate to let your RMT know what works best for you, and what you need that day, as it may change each appointment.

Need help deciding what might work for you? We’ve highlighted some positives about both talking and remaining silent during a massage treatment.


Pros to talking during a massage

– Learn about your body, and what is off balance. Your massage therapist can explain what muscles are tight, how your body is positioned, and what is or isn’t releasing quickly. This can provide you a better understanding of your body.

_DSC0181- Get topics off your chest to enhance your wellness. Anything that is said within the walls of a massage treatment room, is kept private between the client and therapist. Some clients feel they can let go of some topics that have been weighing them down. Though an RMT cannot provide you with professional advice, we are trained listeners and can lend you a needed ear.

– Build a strong rapport with your RMT. It might make you feel more comfortable getting to know the person who is treating you, or letting them know more about you.

– Keep alert. Have a meeting after your massage? Staying in communication with your RMT can help your mind stay active and allow you to transition back into your day without “massage brain”.

Pros about staying silent during a massage

– Bodily awareness. Take this time to pay attention to your body. Notice your own imbalances and tight spots. Tune into what is recurring and what is new. As you go back into your daily life, you have a memory of your trouble areas.

Quiet Massage - Ottawa massage blog- Relaxation and sleep. Overwhelmed? Taking the treatment time to quiet the mind and drift off to dream land can be the best medicine. Your massage therapist is skilled to read your body and will treat tight areas and knots while you take a much needed doze. When your life is busy, a break can help prepare you for what is next.

– Self-reflection. Paying attention to your mind is as important as paying attention to your body. Take the time to settle your thoughts. After the massage, not only will your body feel great, your head will feel lighter, as you’ve left your mental stress on the table.

Always remember, your massage therapist will respect your choice. Never feel pressured to talk or to remain silent.  A RMT will ask enough questions during the interview and at the beginning of the treatment to ensure a safe and effective treatment. RMTs will check in throughout the massage to ensure comfort. If ever you feel that your RMT missed your cues and is being too chatty, don’t hesitate to mention it. This is your treatment time.